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Max Belousov // December 19-25 // Dubai



The most provocative and transformational business training from the TOP-100 Russian marketers Max Belousov. How to reach a new level of income, break the old pattern of behavior and finally start getting high from life and work! You will find selected content and live reviews personally from Max


XY technique

This is the most effective tool for managing your life and achieving extra results in all areas.

The training is suitable for freelancers, experts, entrepreneurs and those who want more!

If you want to:
Do you want a powerful result in all areas of life and even cooler? Come to the training!

Break your financial ceiling.
You have been wanting to earn more for a long time, but you are constantly faced with restrictions. You dream about a lot and aim for financial independence without stress.

Get out of the vicious circle of work-home, find a job and hobby you like, find your resource for a source of energy and drive.
Be in harmony with yourself and find balance in life without emotional swings.
Take a step forward, stop being a victim of the environment and always save someone, give up old grievances that pull you back. Find your people with whom you will communicate with pleasure and strengthen your family.

What awaits you:
  • TOP growth tools from one of the best marketers and coaches in Russia

  • Contacts and new acquaintances with more than 150 entrepreneurs

  • Cool networking for collaborations and searching for partners

  • Max's personal analysis of your situations and gagging

  • VIP discussions at a private dinner

  • Professional photo shoot and buffet
Many speakers
Short lectures
Precise tools
Only a deep study of yourself!
Our training
8 333 AED
  • duration: 7 days
Tony Robbins Training
23 055 AED
  • duration: 6 days

your results from the training

Multiple growth in all spheres of life: from finance to creativity. Max will share tools that will allow you to grow exponentially and tell you how not to fall into even more burnout. He proved this by his own example, earning more than 25 million last year. It worked for him, for 1000 of his students, it will work for you too

location- Dubai

  • Warm sea and great beaches

  • No tourist visa required

  • No covid restrictions

  • Large Russian-speaking community

The body is like my ally and helper
Programming the desired states
Flow state - how to enjoy simple things
Emotions and how to manage them

training program

What affects my condition

day 1 condition

Feel where your emotion lives
My health habits
Recovery methods
The energy of the body is to be young and at 100 years old

day 2 health

Hygiene of body and mind
Building a personal brand based on deep values
My relationship with the world
My mistakes and total forgiveness of myself
Relationship with oneself, immersion in oneself
Mission, identity, values
Attitude - as a form of realization of one's goals

day 3 relationships

A detailed plan for 1 year is a breakthrough in all areas
Harmony of life, we combine leisure and work
My development and training program
Vision of the future
My plans for 10 years - growth strategy

day 4 goal

Resource Map
Marketing and sales
Management Accounting and Finance
Business processes and automation
Business is me, how to make business organic to my goals
Business goals for 2023

day 5 business

Team and management
Transsurfing in reality with Elena Kiper, star producer
With Elena, the Tatu group was born, and Lolita and Dmitry Malikov were reborn. Konstantin Meladze, the author of Valeria and Viagra, are in the process of rebirth.

day 6

Communication and games in the air
Joint visits to interesting places
Final dinner

day 7
informal communication

and training creator

  • The author of the bestseller "The Struggle for Attention" publishing house AST.
  • Blogger and opinion leader - more than 150,000 subscribers in the social networks.
  • Creator, vocalist and songwriter of music projects NeboTabu, Naked.
  • He is married to his girlfriend, visited more than 30 countries, was educated as a geophysicist, plays music, boxing, plays poker and chess.
  • Author of training programs on marketing, business and self-development, which were attended by more than 10,000 people from Russia, the CIS and Europe.
  • He was involved in the Guinness World Records as a marketer:
  • largest mono training (Tony Robbins at the Olympic 26,000 people)
  • the largest foreign delegation at a foreign event (total 6,000 participants of the Tony Robbins training in London and Singapore from Russia and the CIS)
  • Founder, owner, speaker, consultant and chief methodologist at https://belousovconsulting.ru
  • Co-founder, marketer and producer of the online university of creative professions "Sound to the World" and the company Meilleur.

Was a speaker and invited expert…

Worked with famous speakers:
  • Profitable trader since 2011.
  • The creator of the TRADERCAMP school, in which more than 7,000 students have studied and 8 out of 10 receive a stable profit.
  • The creator of his own trading systems that allow you to devote up to 20 minutes a day or a week to work and an active fighter against robots and automatic trading systems.
  • He explains in plain language like a god of trading what seems complicated.
  • Winner of the Russian and international award "Golden Gramophone and Song of the Year", BMI award 2003 and 2004 (UK and USA).
  • Eurovision jury member.
  • Lecturer in video directing, media production, celebrity marketing at the Higher School of Economics and the RMA Business School.
Dmitrii Chuga
Elena Kiper
Music producer, songwriter, director, social activist, coach
Investment Expert

value for participants

  • a rich training program covering all important areas of life
  • deep work with the conscious and subconscious, unlike conferences where speakers speak for 30 minutes and there is no benefit as such
  • group dynamics
  • networking and connections
  • location Dubai is attractive for travel and easy in terms of visa, flight, accommodation
  • large Russian-speaking community in Dubai
  • there is little competition in Dubai for similar events and conferences in general, especially in Russian, so it will be interesting for locals
  • guest stars, singers and bloggers will attract attention

participation formats

When buying at once from 2 tickets (family) +1 Standard for free
8 333 AED
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01 Participation in 5 days of training
02 Participant materials
03 General chat of participants
04 Networking session
05 Max Belousov's book "The Struggle for Attention"
01 Everything included in PREMIUM
02 Personal coaching from Max Belousov and training speakers for 365 days
03 Personal analysis of your case one-on-one with Max Belousov
04 Access to Max Belousov's Mastermind for 365 days
05 Front row seats next to speakers and celebrity guests

By clicking on the "Buy a ticket" button, you consent to the processing of personal data, accept the terms of the privacy policy and the offer
Buy in installments
Buy in installments
Buy in installments
Buy in installments
13 888 AED
01 Everything included in STANDART
02 Autograph session with speakers and organizers
03 Access to courses, trainings online 150 hours
04 Access to the Personality Marketing club for 6 months

By clicking on the "Buy a ticket" button, you consent to the processing of personal data, accept the terms of the privacy policy and the offer
27 222 AED
01 Everything included in STANDART and GOLD
02 Access to the Personality Marketing club for 12 months
03 Hotel accommodation for the duration of the training 7 days
04 Access to the 6th and 7th day of the training
By clicking on the "Buy a ticket" button, you consent to the processing of personal data, accept the terms of the privacy policy and the offer
55 555 AED
55 555 AED

analysis of situations

Based on provocative psychotherapy "like in the TV series Trigger". Instant solution of your plugs* is available to premium members
Instead of dozens of therapy sessions and several years of trips to psychologists.

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our experience in events and trainings

organizer -Katya Profi

  • Worked on the promotion of projects from 60+ areas;
  • Founder and head of a full cycle marketing agency in Europe and Georgia
"Marketing Profi"
  • Trained 700+ students;
  • Organizer and speaker of events for an audience of 3,000+ people;
  • Creator of PROJECT X in Chelyabinsk (June 24-25, 2022), PROJECT 2.0 X in Yekaterinburg (September 3-5, 2022), PROJECT 3.0 in St. Petersburg
(November 13, 14, 2022).

your life will never be the same / your life will never be the same /

your life will never be the same / your life will never be the same /

Sometimes, in order to start a new life, you need to make only one right decision! I'm sure you will do it right now. See you at training!